Salsa Steps For Beginners

Salsa Dancing

The Salsa steps for beginners that are covered in group classes are generally covered in four one hour classes spread over a month. A student’s ability to master these basic Salsa moves is strongly influenced by how much they practice in between classes. 

Salsa Steps for Beginners

The syllabus of moves that an instructor will cover in a series of beginner classes may not match this list exactly but this list will be close. These beginner moves can be taught in either of the primary styles of Salsa dancing called On1, or On2. The style you learn doesn’t much matter as long as you learn what most of the other dancers in your area use.


Basic Salsa Step

Right Turn

Cross Body Lead

Use a Salsa “basic” step between these beginner partner moves to create a flowing turn pattern.

He Turn She Turn

Walk Through / Catwalk

These Salsa steps for beginners will give you a good foundation. The key is to dance socially as much as you can to strengthen your grasp on these basic salsa moves. As you do, your enjoyment of salsa and your ability to look good on the dance floor will keep growing. 

Once you are proficient with these moves, check with your instructor to see if you are ready to move to a more advanced class. You may also want to consider taking some private salsa lessons to help smooth out your skill after you’ve learned the mechanics of these salsa steps for beginners.

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