Covid – 19 Corona Virus Update


It goes without saying that this is an incredibly difficult time for all of us. Medically, socially, and economically, so many of us have been impacted by the spread of this virus.

In response, at the time of this writing, all dance classes and venues are closed so that we all may practice social distancing so as to slow the spread of the virus and keep dancers healthy.

Once businesses reopen, we’ll get our event listings updated as the information becomes available to us.

Sick Loved Ones

We have a relative who is still hospitalized in New York City with the virus. We also have a friend in Portland who contracted it and has recovered. Thankfully, our kids and parents are all healthy so far. We know that a number of you have loved ones who have been affected.

Stay Fit And Social While In Isolation


Clara and I mostly stay home. My magic shows have all been put on hold until things open back up. We dance in our home studio and have also joined classes taught online. A daily walk for about a mile helps us get much needed exercise. Like you, we’re not excited about it as a fashion statement but we do wear a mask when out shopping for essentials.


While you are staying at home, you may want to consider taking some online dance classes.  Here’s a link to some local studios that we know who have online classes.

We pray God’s best to each of you. Please hit us in social media or drop us a note and let us know how things are where you live.

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