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There are two reasons you might be reading this article. You have never been out to a salsa event or you have but are just beginning to learn this really fun dance.

What to Expect:  Your First Time Out

Beginner Dance Class

Dance Studio Class: A point of entry for some of you is at a beginner salsa class at a dance studio. These are a great place to start. The class will have people just like you and everyone is learning together. The core moves of salsa will be covered in this series of classes. These series generally last from 4-6 lessons spaced about a week apart. The classes usually last about one hour and do not require any prior experience, nor do they require that you bring a partner.

Salsa Social Class: Others of you will experience your first beginner salsa lesson at the start of a salsa social dance event. Often these dance socials will have a 30 to 60 minute beginner class before the social dancing begins. They usually cover the same material each time but may add something new in the last segment of the hour. This is a good place for repetition of the moves that need to become a part of your muscle memory. However they won’t cover as much material as you will get at a dance studio class. If you are interested but not sure where to find one of these events, then check our Salsa Dancing Venues page for a possible event near you.

Salsa Social Event

Your first venture into the world of salsa dancing may be to a salsa social dance event. These events can be held at a restaurant, nightclub, bar, ballroom, hotel lobby, bowling alley, etc. We’ve seen quite a variety in venues. There is usually a cover charge from $5-$15 to get in. 

They are usually in the evening and feature several dance and music styles. Expect a mix of two or three of the following: salsa, bachata, merengue, cha cha cha, reggaeton, and kizomba. The skill level of dances at these events can range from beginner to advanced. 

Example of a Mid-Week Salsa Event

Don’t worry, there will be people at your level too. There will at least be a DJ and possibly a band. Expect the music to be loud. There may be a beginner class at the start of the event as mentioned above. Attire can range from jeans and a t-shirt to really fancy. Maybe do business casual so you can fit in either way. Just be comfortable for you.

What to Expect: Growing Salsa Muscles

Some of you have already been out to class at a dance studio or maybe you’ve taken an intro class at an event. If so, then welcome. We are excited that you have stepped into the Latin dance community.

Every single one of us who have been enjoying dancing for years were once right where you are now. We didn’t know the steps for Salsa or Bachata very well. We didn’t know very many people. It was scary and fun and frustrating and embarrassing and challenging and cool — all rolled into one.

We’re glad you have taken the plunge. If you are consistent, it won’t take very long for you to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to find lots of enjoyment from salsa dancing. Here are links to a few of our blog posts that are for new people.

Salsa Push-ups

Be Consistent. Make getting out to a class or a dance social a part of your regular schedule.

Be patient. Slow growth is good growth. Focus on getting better at one or two things each week.

Be forgiving. Forgive yourself. We all make mistakes as we learn and grow. Forgive others. There are a variety of skill levels at dancing and also at just being patient and understanding with each other. Don’t let someone else steal your joy.

Listen. Go on your favorite music app and find a channel for salsa music. Listening regularly to salsa music will help you understand the patterns in the rhythm more quickly.

Have fun. Yes, we all want to learn the cool moves and get all of the technical stuff right. However, make it fun along the way. Laugh when you mess up….we all mess up. Try again. Smile.

Growing Salsa Muscles

Talk Back Ear smallTalk Back: We are here to help you to grow as you venture into the world of Latin dancing. Please let us know your thoughts on this article and any ways we can help you learn and enjoy salsa even more. Message us through our contact page.

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