Write for Us to Share Your Guest Post

Experienced Writers:

Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest post to us at Salsa4Life. Please read the submission guidelines below before submitting your work. Any submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered at this time.

New Writers:

We are asking you to write for us if you have expertise in any of the areas in the table below. Your experience and knowledge may be an inspiration and help to the Latin dance community. If you are willing to share but are not a writer, then contact us to be interviewed for our Podcast.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Primary Objective: To keep it simple, “Useful” is the operative word here. We seek to publish content is simply useful. We define useful, educational, inspirational, informational, or entertaining.

  • Audience: All guest posts should be aimed towards our mission of supporting dancers and business owners serving the Latin dance community. We do not focus much attention on the ballroom community at this time although they are connected to the Latin dance community. The Latin dance community includes the music and dances related to salsa, bachata, merengue, cha cha cha, kizomba, and zouk.

  • Categories: Guest posts should be educational, inspirational, informational, or entertaining. The post should specifically be related to one of our dances, the music of those dances, Latin dance community culture, or businesses that directly support our community.

  • Length & Content: Articles should fall between 800 – 1,500 words, should contain actionable advice or detailed information, and should be written to a professional standard.

  • Author: The author of the guest blog post can be someone new to the community and share a fresh perspective. An author could also be a veteran of the Latin dance community. If the author is not a part of the community, they need to be able to share an expertise that would be valued by the community. All experience levels are welcome.
  • Tone: Articles should be written in a tone and language that the general public would not find offensive.

  • Purpose: The main focus of the article should be to benefit the Salsa4Life audience. Articles stuffed with self-promotion will not be considered, however you can cite your own research and include up to two links to your relevant blog post as resources to support any claims or statements made. However, please do not link directly to a product or service page on your website.

  • Formatting: Articles featuring lists, headers, bullet points, and other engaging formatting are preferred.

  • Unique: Articles should be unique to Salsa4Life. They should not be published elsewhere online, though you’re welcome to tease the article on your own site or in your newsletter with a link to the full copy on the Salsa4Life blog. This means the post should not be republished on your own blog, Linkedin, Facebook, or anywhere else. Links back to your blog post on Salsa4Life.com are encouraged but not the article content. Why is this? Duplicate content is just bad for SEO and Google will hate us for it.

  • Images: Articles should be accompanied by at least one image. The image should be submitted with the text of the blog post. The image source should be cited so that the source can be credited. Images for which you do not own the copyright or for which you lack written permission from the owner to share must not be submitted upon risk of article rejection.

  • Self-Promo: Please include a 50-75 word bio with your article that contains a head shot and links to your website, social media, and/or available books, services, or resources.
  • Promotion: Help us promote the post to your own social media channels and to your network.  

Before Submitting, Please Note:

  • You represent and warrant that this is your original work and not plagiarized and contains no objectionable or libelous material. You indemnify and hold Salsa4Life, Michael R. Douglas, and Claribel Toro personally harmless against any suits, claims, causes of action, expenses or costs of any kind including legal fees arising out of the content of the original work.

  • Our editorial process will adjust any small spelling, grammar, or formatting issues. We may adjust the blog post title so as to best suit our audience and/or adjust the title to better fit the needs of our blog.

  • We may include links from your text to other blog posts within our site that are related to your content. We maintain the right to reject submissions or to request that you revise and resubmit to better adapt the article to the audience of Salsa4Life. Please try to return revisions within one week. Of course, you can always refuse our revision request.

  • We seek to share at least one guest post on the blog every month. Depending on the rate of submissions and other factors, your article may not be published immediately if accepted. We will share a proposed publishing date with you before we confirm your submission.


How to Submit an Article to Salsa4Life:

  • Please write your article in full prior to submission. We do not consider guest post pitches at this time. If your article follows the guidelines shared above, there is a strong probability of acceptance.

  • To submit, simply email us at Michael@FunGroupEvents.com with your article attached. We will review and reply in about three business days.

  • If we don’t feel your article is right for Salsa4Life at this time, you are free to submit the article elsewhere or publish it on your own site.

  • If published, we will promote your article on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and in the Salsa4Life newsletter. Your article will additionally be housed permanently in our blog archives and re-shared on social media over time.


Why Submit to Salsa4Life?

We’d love to be able to pay you but for now, this is a pro bono guest post opportunity. Guest posting is a great chance grow your audience, and improve your site’s SEO [think backlinks]. Salsa4Life receives thousands of page views per month, while the newsletter reaches over 4,00 dancers.

Guest authors will receive a social author bio block that shows your photo along with a mini biographical sketch and links to your site and/or social media pages. The image below shows how your author bio could look.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you again for your interest in sharing a guest post with us at Salsa4Life. We hope to hear from you soon.


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