Best Way to Learn Salsa Dancing for Beginners

Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing and other Latin dances like Bachata has continued to increase in popularity over the years. This leads to the question of how to learn Bachata and what is the best way to learn Salsa dancing for beginners?

Group Salsa Classes

Most people are introduced to Salsa dancing and other forms of Latin partner dancing like Bachata via a group class. Often these classes are at the start of a dance event at a restaurant, wedding or some other social event. These classes are ideal entry points for Salsa. Most of the other people in the class are often at or near your beginner skill level. In this way you realize that everyone is learning and making mistakes and having fun together.

That’s another point: having fun. These classes by nature are not hard core. They are meant to help you have some fun in a low pressure skill building environment. The cost of group salsa classes is generally low, ranging between $5 and $15 depending on where in the country you are. 

You also do not need to bring a partner and you get to meet a number of other people since these classes often will rotate partners throughout the class.

Simply stated, group Salsa dance classes are a great place to begin falling love with this beautiful partner dance. We can help you if you’re looking for a fun Salsa class in Portland, OR. If you are elsewhere in the US, then you can usually find a class at the start of social dance events in other cities around the country.

Private Salsa Lessons

After learning through group Salsa classes, the question of whether to take private Salsa dance lessons will come up at some point in your Salsa journey. If you want to up your game, at what point is it best to take private salsa lessons?

The answer to that depends your budget, your schedule, and how much of the basic Salsa dance moves that you have already learned. Sometimes your schedule doesn’t match up with when group classes are available.

Private Salsa Lessons
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If you can afford private lessons (ranging from $50 and up per hour) then you can usually find a time slot that more easily works for your schedule. Lastly once you’ve learned the beginner moves, a private instructor will help correct things like timing and posture. He or she will also help accelerate your learning and smooth out moves that you already know. For more on taking private dance lessons see our article, Getting The Most From A Private Salsa Lesson.

Learn Salsa Dancing Online

In addition to learning Salsa dancing with a group or with in a private dance lesson, people have supplemented their learning via YouTube videos and smart phone apps for many years. Online learning of Salsa and Bachata will never replace having an instructor with you in person. Even so, virtual learning does allow you to learn at a time and/or location that is convenient for you.

Classes can be free or as much as you’d pay for a group Salsa lesson. The classes are pre-recorded and may be available for you to download or view on a private password protected page.

Classes can be free or as much as you’d pay for a group Salsa lesson. The classes are pre-recorded and may be available for you to download or view on a private password protected page.

Private Salsa Lessons

The next evolution of online learning of Salsa and Bachata is “live streaming”. At the time of this writing, many places around our country and the world are not meeting together due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This has inspired many dance instructors to live stream their classes.

Please click the link below for our article detailing more about learning Salsa dancing and Bachata dancing via online streaming classes.

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