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Salsa dancing is so much fun. Ideally, we learn from a more highly skilled friend or family member, or through a group class. Sometimes those options are just not available due to schedules or other reasons. In these cases, we’ve got a backup plan:  online Salsa lessons.

Online Salsa Lesson Problems

That’s exactly what I did a number of years ago when I was first learning. YouTube was my first tool for online learning of Salsa dancing. There was a problem though. There are a number of different styles of Salsa. There’s on1, on2, Cuban Salsa, and more. When I was looking up moves to learn, I got confused because of all of these different styles.

For this reason I first recommend that a person learn from other experienced dancers either one on one, or in a group salsa lesson. When you do, find out what style you are learning. Once you know, then you can search for online Salsa lessons that match the style you are learning.

When you search for Bachata or Salsa lessons on the internet you will find them delivered in several different ways. Some classes are pre-recorded…think YouTube. Other online lessons are offered on the website of a Salsa dance studio or instructor. They make them available for you to download or view on a private password protected page.


Streaming Live Salsa Classes

The next evolution of online learning of Salsa and Bachata is “live streaming”. At the time of this writing, many places around our country and the world are not meeting together due to the spread of the Covid 19 Corona virus. This has inspired many dance instructors to live stream their classes.

If you do a streaming class, make sure you find out ahead of time if you need to install any special software like Zoom, or other software tools for virtual meetings. Do a test in advance to make sure it is working for you. That way when it is class time, you won’t miss a thing.

The cost for online Salsa lessons can be free…via Youtube, or streaming classes may cost near to what you would pay when you are in a class live. I’d encourage you to take a streaming class. Usually they will have a chat window where students can ask questions and interact with the group. Taking these classes will help support these artists while their income is severely affected by current social distancing practices. 

Below are links to some live streaming classes being offered by friends here in Portland, Oregon. I’m know some of these instructors and am confident that you can benefit from their classes. During this time of social distancing, we hope you will support these studios and keep yourself active and learning by signing up for one of their virtual classes.

Please support online Salsa lessons during the Covid 19 corona virus outbreak.

Lines Dance Academy

Shawn Gardner Dancing

Click image for schedule


Vitalidad Movement and Arts Center

Click image for schedule.


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