Group Salsa Lessons

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Group Salsa lessons are where most people are learning Salsa dancing. In past years, many people began learning Salsa from family or friends at home. I’ve been told a number of times of people who started learning Salsa when someone dragged them onto the dance floor and just started teaching them. Let’s look at how to maximize your enjoyment and speed of learning at group Salsa lessons.

Group Salsa Lessons

Beginner Salsa classes are commonly found at restaurants and bars that host a “Latin Night”. This is a fun way for them to get their patrons interacting with each other and having fun. There might be a cover charge that can range from $5 to $15 depending on how nice the venue is. Some of these venues will only have a handful of people taking the beginner Salsa class and others will have dozens taking the class. These classes will range from 30 minutes to one hour. During a lesson, sometimes the leads and follows will be learning apart from each other, and sometimes together.

Another place where group Salsa lessons are found are at dance studios. Often the introductory lesson offered at a restaurant is given to entice new dancers to sign up for a longer series of beginner Salsa classes. These classes can range from $10 to $20 per class depending on the length of each class and how many classes you sign up to take. A series of beginner Salsa classes can range from four to six weeks. The studio will often offer a next level series of classes after you successfully absorb the beginner moves.


Most often, the instructor will have everyone taking the group Salsa lesson to rotate partners every few minutes. This helps you to learn how to dance with people of different skill levels, heights, body shapes, lead strengths, etc. Rotating is also good because if you are weak and your partner is weak, then on the next rotation you may get a partner who may be able to help you a little more. Besides, rotating partners helps you to meet lots of great new people. Sometimes couples will attend a group class and ask not to rotate. Most instructors will accommodate that but it is not recommended, as it will slow your ability to learn.

Fun Factor

Keep in mind that beginner level group Salsa lessons are not super intense. Everyone makes mistakes and learns together. That’s why moves are repeated again and again to build your muscle memory. Some instructors are more focused on seeing their students master all of the technical aspects of each move before introducing new material. Other instructors will focus on just having fun and know that you will gain the technical mastery with repeated lessons.

Group Salsa Lessons

You also do not need to bring a partner and you get to meet a number of other people since these classes often will rotate partners throughout the class. 

Tips For Salsa Students

  1. Arrive early to check in and pay
  2. Wear dance shoes or non-rubber soles…lower heals.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes
  4. Minimize jewelery (avoids scratching your partner)
  5. Avoid extra baggage/backpacks as the space may be crowded.
  6. Do not wear a purse during dancing. It will flop around and get in the way.
  7. Ask questions
  8. Move yourself or ask the instructor to repeat the move from a different angle to get more clarity.
  9. Greet each of your partners
  10. Minimize side conversations during class. These distract you, other students and your instructor.
  11. Laugh and have fun.
  12. Be patient. You won’t get everything the first time.
  13. Be persistent. You’ll get it as long as you don’t give up.
  14. After class, video record what was taught. The instructor may demo it again, or get a couple of students to demo the lesson or you do it and let them record you.
  15. Practice at home.
  16. Go out social dancing to get more practice before your next class.

Simply stated, group Salsa dance classes are a great place to begin falling love with this beautiful partner dance. We can help you if you’re looking for a fun Salsa class in Portland, OR. If you are elsewhere in the US, then you can usually find a class at the start of social dance events in other cities around the country. 

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