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Is It Salsa or Bachata? Get To Know Both Of Them In This Article



Living in NY, I’d always wanted to learn how to dance Salsa. So, I finally bit the bullet, put my fears away, and walked into my first dance studio. Almost one year later, I’ve become obsessed with this dance and will never stop…ever! Being Italian, I’d heard of Salsa, as it seemed more mainstream to me. What I learned while taking classes was that there was another dance that was popular in Latin culture, and that dance was Bachata. I never knew or heard about it, since I didn’t grow up listening to the music.I am writing this important post to help you understand the Differences Between Salsa vs Bachata dance

Now, after going out to many socials and clubs, Salsa and Bachata are like peanut butter and jelly. Salsa is usually faster, party music; Bachata is slower, with a more romantic feel. Many clubs switch on and off to give dancers time to catch their breath and have some slower dances as well.

Some dancers prefer one style over the other naturally, but the main importance is just to have fun, get a sweat on, and meet new friends.

So what’s the difference between the two? Salsa is an exciting and sexy dance. With roots in Cuba and Puerto Rico, it is rich in cultural history and has a very unique music style which makes you feel you are on a hot tropical beach somewhere! Bachata grew out of the dance styles of bolero and merengue and originated in the countryside and rural neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic. The basics to the dance are three-steps with a Cuban hip motion, followed by a tap which can include a hip movement also on the 4th beat. It is danced widely all over the world too.

The instruments used for the two genres are also different. Bachata traditionally has a guitar as the main instrument, but a number of young bands have sometimes replaced the guitar with a synthesizer that is easily recognizable as a Bachata sound. Salsa, however, does not have the guitar like Bachata. Although Salsa can include some guitar, it is not the main instrument of the melody like it is in Bachata. With Salsa music, you hear more trumpets, bongo drums, and a cow bell.

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Example of Bachata Music and Dancing



Example of Salsa Music and Dancing




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