6 Tips for Salsa Dancing on a Budget

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Don’t Let Your Budget Stop You From Dancing Salsa



Okay, so it’s a new year stretching out before you.  You have a new start and you feel like this is your year to be social. Maybe the $15 bowling nights have become a bit pricey. There isn’t a good $10 movie out you feel like seeing. Perhaps you are new to town and don’t have a friend circle for going bowling or to check out movies.   Museums, while interesting may not be your scene, or your place to pick up new friends.

Salsa Dancing on a BudgetAll of that is okay because this is an opportunity to do some exciting Salsa dancing! But, you hear that salsa dancing can be expensive. There are shoes to buy, conferences you can go to, classes you feel the need to take. You want to dance and learn but you don’t have it in the budget. Well that changes today because turns out you can become quite the Salsa aficionado and do it all on a budget!

First off, decide your budget. Let’s say you only have $30 for the entire month. That is not a lot of money but in the world of Salsa it can go a long way. Follow these simple tips and you will be Salsa dancing on a budget in no time.

How to Manage Salsa Dancing on a Budget


1. Your Attire

Your attire really will affect your ability to dance.  Some shoes will stick to floors keeping you from being as graceful as some of the other dancers.  Yes there are salsa shoes a person can buy in order to enhance the experience.   Yet, for guys any pair of dress shoes will most likely work.   You can really dance in just about any shoe type if you are a guy.  Shoes with rubber soles like sneakers and boots are likely to keep you from spinning with ease.  That can be solved with an adjustment to your movements.  In short just break out an old pair of dress shoes and chances are you are good to go.  For the ladies, flats like the shoes that remind folks of ballerina shoes or heels, are fine choices for dancing.  In short, you want shoes that can slide on the floor, and not shoes that will give you too much traction. Other than that, just make sure you are dressed to move.

You want shoes that can slide on the floor, and not shoes that will give you too much traction.

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2. The Lessons

Okay so, you picked out your outfit and are ready to go out and try some salsa dancing.   However you feel like you need some lessons.  Whether this is your first time, or you are a vet who has been out of the game for a while, there are ways to Salsa on a budget.

First consider YouTube.  Don’t have a partner?  That is fine.  I know a guy who is an awesome Salsa dancer.  He used to practice moves with his dog.  I have spent time practicing the mechanics of a move with an invisible partner over and over again.  Can it be a bit difficult… yes.  However that just means you get to enlist a friend and introduce them to the wonderful world of salsa dancing.

Now since we are still working with only $30 for the whole month, we are going to avoid studio lessons. Those can run between ten to fifteen dollars per hour class. Let’s not use up a third of your budget in an hour if we can avoid it. However that does not mean you can’t take classes. There are many routes to doing so. Some college students might have access to free classes at their gym or around campus. Perhaps there is a student organization you can join. 

If you really want to take studio classes, there are cheap ways to do that as well, but it may be outside the $30 budget. However, you can check to see if it is better to buy a set of classes all at once than to pay for each individual class. I have seen that buying a monthly set is sometimes like getting four classes for the price of three.

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3. Getting There


Salsa Dancing on a Budget

Bus Stop

So you know where you want to go.  Now it just depends on how you want to get there.  For those who live and dance in the city never forget about the bus.  A bus ride may be cheaper than taking your car and using your gas and possibly paying for parking.  For those who do not wish to take public transportation, maybe you can car pool.  Maybe to some events, you will drive to and other events your friends will drive.  For the really ambitious (this is something I have done once), you can ride a bike there.

4. The Venue

So you picked out an outfit.  You are set and ready to go.  You may have picked up a few new moves on YouTube.  It is time to go out to a local social and have a bit of fun.  For those wanting a lesson, feel free to show up early to the venue.  In some places they may give up to an hour in a structured lesson for the early birds and first time dancers.  This is generally included in your admission fee.

This leads to another reason to come early to Salsa events when you are on a budget.  Sometimes the price to get into a social event is cheaper the earlier you come.  If not, then at least you can maximize the amount of time in the month you actually get to dance. 

Salsa Dancing on a Budget

salsa dance class

Going to local socials also is cheaper than trying to go to a Salsa conference and local events happen far more frequently.  They are usually between free to $10 to enter.  This is where the bulk of your budget is going to go. Let’s say you go to four socials in the month and end up paying $20 total.  This still leaves you with $10 to spend on drinks.

5. The Drinks

Hey, you came to dance and dancing is tiring work.  It is the kind of stuff that requires a good drink every now and then.  So, if you enjoy your spirits, feel free to spend what you like there.  Be aware that some dancers don’t want alcohol to negatively affect their balance.  The word here is to drink in moderation and stay off the dance floor when you have a drink in hand.  For those who are worried about balance, there is always water.  Water may get as high as $3 in some places.  In others however, a glass of water is free.  If there is free water, still leave a tip at the end of the night to show support to the venue.  After all if the venue is happy, you are happy.

Stay off the dance floor when you have a drink in hand.

6. Other Tips

Do you find you like the music?  Make friends with the DJ and ask him what the name of the song is that he is playing.  After that, create a Pandora station with that song and others like it.  It helps you learn the songs that are played in your area and lets you enjoy the music.  On that note, you can use YouTube not just for examples and lessons but, also for the music.  You can load up all of your favorite songs there as well.  Lastly, if you need a partner, then make friends at the social events and then practice with those people when you get the chance.

Well with those simple tips you should be enjoying Salsa Dancing on a Budget in no time.  Now, go out there and have a blast!

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