Salsa Friends – 18 Ways to Evaluate Their Loyalty

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How To Evaluate Your Salsa Friend’s Loyalty?


A great place to build your social network and make new friends is in the Salsa dance community. One of the places to connect with others is at dance classes. Over time, your Salsa dancing skill and your friendship grows with your new friends. Below are ways that you can evaluate the quality of these Salsa friends.

Evaluate Salsa Friends Loyaltynumber 1Real Salsa friends encourage you to take classes with them. This helps you increase your skill, improve how you look on the floor, and get more and better dances.

No Limits

number 2Loyal Salsa friends don’t try to limit where you attend classes or where you go to enjoy dancing Salsa. They know that it is important to learn from a variety of sources and to enjoy dancing in multiple environments.

Evaluate Salsa Friends Loyalty

number3 When you say “Road Trip!” a loyal Salsa friend says “Hell yeah!” Road trips to distant Salsa events can be lot’s of fun. Even so, a wise Salsa pal helps you balance the trips with consistent support of home town events. If Salsa locally shrivels and dies, then road trips for Salsa will look a bit less appealing when your gas tank is empty.

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Salsa Friendsnumber4Your Salsa BFF stocks your favorite beverage when they know you’re coming over to get dressed together for your night out.





Salsa Friends

Number5When you ask if your new outfit is too tight, a loyal Salsa friend will tell you the truth BEFORE you are on the dance floor. A disloyal friend will just let you go out with that one button barely holding in all of your goodies. The School of Loyalty dictates that buttons and seams weakly clinging to the final threads of life are unfit to leave the house.

Salsa Friends

number6 Before heading out the front door, true Salsa diva’s share cosmetic tips. This way, we avoid confusing people and making them think it’s Halloween.





Salsa Friendsnumber7Being understanding when you don’t want to go to certain dance venues is a characteristic of a great Salsa friend. They know that there are just certain people that you may want to avoid. For example, there is that ex-boyfriend who always seemed to enjoy super close Bachata with waaay too many other people. And let’s not forget that ex-best friend who stole your freaky Bachata boyfriend. Then there’s that other former friend who knew about the behind-the-scenes horizontal Bachata that was going on but didn’t tell you a damn thing. Yeah, people have their reasons for avoiding certain venues.


Number8 Upon arrival at your road trip Salsa destination, a loyal Salsa friend will help you find good dance partners.

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A goodSalsa Friendsno drama 75wnumber9 Salsa friend is not a source of drama, but helps you minimize drama in your life. For example when your ex-salsa friend, AKA “boyfriend thief”, shows up at your remote Salsa venue, your loyal Salsa friend talks you down from marching across the dance floor and snatching that cheap weave out of her hair.


Salsa FriendsNumber10A real Salsa friend will request for you to accompany her to the ladies room when you are being stalked by a less than desirable suitor.




Salsa FriendsNumber11 A chief responsibility of a loyal Salsa friend is to help you get to the right toilet when you’ve had one too many drinks.


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Salsa Friends

number12 When you just can’t make it in time, real Salsa friend helps you get cleaned up. They get extra points if they have something your size in the trunk of their car.




Salsa Friendsnumber13If you pass out from drinking too much over the loss of your freaky Bachata boyfriend, then a loyal Salsa friend is there for you. She will cover anything that shouldn’t be exposed to the public and while you are coming back to consciousness she will turn your head to the side so that you don’t drown in your own puke.


Salsa Friendsnumber14 A genuine Salsa friend keeps your secrets, even when it’s about the C4 you put under your ex-boyfriend’s car.



Salsa FriendsNumber15 A loyal Salsa friend will keep you from drunk dialing your ex-boyfriend or threatening him in Social Media. She knows that all of this could be used against you in court.



Salsa Friendsnumber16 And let’s not forget that loyal Salsa friends will stick with you even when every biological impulse is calling them to be somewhere else.






Evaluate Salsa Friends Loyaltynumber17 A loyal Salsa pal will stay with you and eat pizza in moderation. One can’t ruin the diet, you know. This wouldn’t be necessary in the first place, but your kidneys like to take their time about processing toxins. At least it reduces the chance that you’ll experience a blue light special on your drive home.


Evaluate Salsa Friends Loyalty

number18A loyal Salsa friend will visit you occasionally while you are doing time for that little mean streak you have.




Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family.

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