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Join us for Salsa dance lessons. Classes for beginner and advanced beginner students. No partner necessary.

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 Take a look at some great advice on how to grow your skill and enjoyment in Salsa dancing.

SALSA is not just a style of dance or music, it’s our passion and way of life.  It is through Salsa dancing and other partner dances like Bachata, Merengue and Kizomba that we’ve met many wonderful people throughout the world and created some great relationships.

Our Mission is to help grow the Salsa dancing community in Richmond, Virginia by providing frequent events that are fun, friendly and vivacious!  Second, we want to provide information and resources to help strengthen individual Dancers, and Leaders in the Latin dance community around the world.

New to Salsa? Not a problem! Even if you’ve never done any Salsa dancing before, we’ll help you feel right at home. We provide a dance lesson before our events and no partner is required to attend. Also, we teach group and private Salsa lessons from beginner to advanced. So no matter what your age is, Salsa is a great way to make new friends, be active and even relieve stress!

Why should I give Salsa a try?

Meet Great People

Burn Calories

Artistic Expression

Date Night

Build Self Confidence

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Getting In For Free

Strategies to Get Free Entry to Events   Money doesn't come easy. So what are the insider tips on conserving cash by getting free entry at your favorite spot for Salsa dancing? Follow some of the clean strategies below on getting in for free and save some cash. Follow...

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Dancing Classrooms

It's Not Just About Ballroom Dancing. It's About Teaching Children About Life. I’m amazed at how she does it. Imagine taking a classroom full of 10 and 11 year old boys and girls and teaching them structured partner dancing. I don’t mean the simple bounce or rock side...

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Salsa Friends: 18 Ways to Evaluate Their Loyalty

How To Evaluate Your Salsa Friend's Loyalty?   A great place to build your social network and make new friends is in the Salsa dance community. One of the places to connect with others is at dance classes. Over time, your Salsa dancing skill and your friendship grows...

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