Havana 59 Thursdays

Pictures Below Are From Tropical Thursdays at Richmond’s Hottest Latin Dance Club – Havana 59

Each and every Thursday night, this is the place to be.  Make sure you get there by 8pm for the free Salsa dance class.  Havana 59 on Thursday’s is THE spot to celebrate with your crew.  You’ll enjoy the Cuban cuisine followed by dancing to Salsa, Bachata, or Merenge.  Maybe you’re just up for drinks with friends in the Latin energized Tropical atmosphere. Whichever the case, you’re sure to enjoy this hot Latin dance club.

If you want an even better night for taking a Salsa dance class, then check the link out for our class on Mondays. More pictures of Thursdays nights are posted on our facebook page www.facebook.com/Salsa4lifeva or other photos can be found under

Yani  Justina Photography!

11/25/15 – at Havana’59 – Thanksgiving Eve Bash with guest star Randy Paris and DJ Taz!

10/8/15 – at Havana’59- Celebrating October babies with DJ Rick!

10/1/15 – at Havana’59- 5 year Anniversary Party with DJ Taz!

8/14/15 at Havana’59 – With DJ Chris – Never Say Goodbye, It’s See You Later Cathy W.

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7/2/15 at Havana’59 – With DJ Yulio! Record breaking attendance by 9pm!

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5/28/15 at Havana’59- Hot Spring night with DJ Chris!

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5/21/15 at Havana59- Black & White Affair -Clara’s birthday!

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4/18/15 at Havana59- April birthdays celebration!

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2/6/14 at Havana59- February bitter cold night!

1/22/14 at Havana59 – January Fun!

12/4/2014 at Havana59- December birthdays!

11/26/14 at Havana59- Thanksgiving Eve Bash!

10/9/14 at Havana59-Cathy’s birthday celebration!

9/18/14 at Havana59 – Special Bachata Workshop Night!

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7/10/14 at Havana’59

6/29/14 at Havana’59

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6/5/14 at Havana’59

5/8/14 at Havana’59

4/30/14 at Havana’59

4/24/14 at Havana’59

4/17/14 at Havana’59

4/10/14 at Havana’59

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2/22/14 at Havana 59

2/06/14 at Havana 59

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1/30/14 at Havana 59

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9/26/13 at Havana 59

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9/5/13 at Havana 59

 8/29/13 at Havana 59 with DJ Yulio

8/15/13 at Havana 59 with DJ Tadeo

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7/25/13 at Havana 59

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