Are you now, or do you plan to be a…





Event Organizer


Venue Owner


Great! Next question...


Are you unhappy with the size and quality of your dance community?

Are you dissatisfied with your current level of income?


Would you like to make a positive difference in the lives of lots of people?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is for you.

First Our Story

In 1998, Clara left The Bronx, New York and moved to Richmond, Virginia. After logging 8 hours a day as a corporate accountant, she wanted to dance Salsa. When she connected with the local Salsa scene she was not satisfied with what she found.

  • Events were not always well attended.
  • Online event calendars were not updated regularly.
  • Coordination between event leaders was poor or in conflict.
  • She got tired of having to drive 2 hours to DC to have a good night of dancing.

At a certain point she made the decision to get involved and become a part of the solution. Eventually, Salsa4Life was born.

Michael's Story
Magician Michael Douglas

Magician Michael Douglas

Contrary to popular belief, Michael is not Dominican. He is a mix of Kenyan, French, and English….read that as “no genetic advantage” when it comes to Latin dance. For many years he was an IT geek in corporate America. Now he’s a full-time Magician serving corporate and family audiences with his blend of stand-up comedy and magical astonishment. He also serves as webmaster, writer, and dance instructor for Salsa4Life. When he’s not doing that stuff, he has a side job as Clara’s husband.

Becoming A Part Of The Leadership Solution

*** Facing the Big Questions ***

*  How to find the right DJ’s?

*  How to overcome the fear of public speaking?

*  How do I connect with people when I’m a natural introvert?

*  What prices should I charge?

*  How to build confidence in my abilities?

*  How do I grow the business quickly?

*  How do I advertise my classes and events to the public?

*  Where do I learn the computer and social media skills that I need?

*  How do I balance time between work, family and my new business?

Clara Found The Answers


14 Years of Success

“In 2006, making the decision to put away my fears and begin teaching and promoting was a turning point. Over time, I found the answers to the things that held me back. It took lots of time, energy, trial and error.”

Over the years, Salsa4Life has expanded and contracted multiple times to accommodate changes in Clara’s career interests and family needs. On the opening day of business, she had just one student. For many years we had over 75 students in our group classes each week. During our busiest years, we also taught a hand-full of private lessons weekly as well as hosted nine Salsa or Latin dance events at clubs and restaurants each month.

We currently teach a weekly class and occasional private lessons. Involvement as a leader in the Latin Dance industry has allowed us to be a source of encouragement to an untold number of  dancers. It has also proved flexible so as to provide a respectable full-time income or part-time when we desired to scale the business up or down.

We have found the strategies that a motivated person like you can use to enjoy this same success. Let’s get started today.

Weekly Studio Students

Annual Restaurant / Club Events

Annual Private Event Lessons

Annual Private Lessons

How This Helps You

For a number of years, people have asked Clara directly, or have pulled me aside to ask this question…

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What are Clara’s secrets to growing a thriving Latin dance business?

In response, we’ve talked about sharing her secrets since 2009. Talk has finally turned to action. We are now in the process of producing all of the training modules. 

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Gold arrow

We could wait until we have the time to fully document each learning module. Instead, we are immediately releasing these proven insider secret training sessions as they are created.

You now have the chance to receive the first lessons of our Latin Dance Leadership Training Course at no cost.


What You Can Expect When You Subscribe Below

Social Media Marketing Secrets

Learn tips and tricks to help you get the most return on your effort.

5 Tips To Grow Attendance

We’ll walk you through at least 5 ways to get people there AND how to keep them coming back.

Software Tools

Learn about the software tools we use for flyer creation, email management, websites, tracking attendance and finances, and more.

How to Get Noticed

Learn the guidelines on how to create promotional pieces that get noticed online and in print. Find out about our top quality vendors for rock bottom prices.

Negotiating Strategy

Learn the negotiating strategies Clara uses in working with venue owners, other promoters, DJ’s etc.

Logo’s, Branding, Websites

We’ll discuss logo creation, online and offline branding, web design, and more.

Sounds good, right?

It Gets Better

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

Act Now!

This entire offer is restricted to the first 25 subscribers.

Others will be added to a waiting list.

Why Are You Giving This Away For Free?

And Other Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it free?

In exchange for the free training modules, subscribers will reply with their feedback and comments. This will allow us to add enhancements.

When will the free offer end?

It is free only during our beta release during the fall of 2020.

How will you share the learning modules?


The training modules will be delivered to your email inbox.  They will include the following content or a link to a page with the content:

  • leadership articles
  • worksheets and written guides
  • video instruction
  • interviews with other successful leaders
  • software demo’s
  • private Facebook group

Can I share this offer with someone else?


Yes, but the training is not for everyone.  If you know someone who is or aspires to be a leader in the Latin Dance community, then please send them a link to this page so that they can sign up to get free training material also.

How often will we send you new material?

You should receive new training material about once weekly once we begin.

What are the requirements to stay involved?
  • You will need to send us feedback on the training modules.
  • You will need to take action towards starting or growing your Latin Dance Business.
  • You will need to participate in our private Facebook group.
  • Please do not take a training slot if you are not serious about growing. Others will want the spot you are taking if you are not serious.

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