Here’s A Few Tips To Minimize A Bad Dance Day




You just have a hard time staying on beat or your balance is off a bit. You have a hard time focusing and mess-up too many moves. Ughhh!  This may not help but just know that this happens to everyone.  Keep reading for a few tips on how to help minimize bad dance day from happening and what to do about them when they do happen.


1.  Avoid Eating a Heavy Meal Just Before You Go Dancing


If you feel overstuffed, that can make you feel lazy while your body is sending blood away from your muscles to your digestive system to handle the task of digesting the 32 ounce steak you just gulped.


2. Minimize Rushing to Your Fave Spot


Handle A Bad Dance DayWhen we are in a hurry, we feel more stressed. On a Salsa night, have you been guilty of rushing away from your job or home? Then you roll through stop signs, and nervously breeze through fresh red traffic signals in hope that you won’t find flashing lights behind you to announce that you’ve earned your very own date in court.  If that ever happens to you, don’t try these lines, “But officer, if I show up late to my Salsa dance class then my instructor is going to give me that ‘look’,  or “Officer, if I get there past 9pm then I have to pay the full cover charge.”


3. Sit Out Song that are Particularly Fast


This if you are dealing with an injury that allows you to dance but not as well as you normally would.


 4. Say Something to your Partner


If you’re a follower, then it’s also okay to mention to your partner that you’re not at your best tonight, so please take it easy. Leads that are sensitive and respectful will honor that request.


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Use this link to visit our friends over at Azucar Latin Dance Company who offer more encouragement and three insightful tips on how to handle a bad dance day. 


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