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How Low Should You Go?


Whether you’re a seasoned salsera/salsero or someone new to dance, we all become familiar with that incredible high from the chemistry of dancing. Symptoms may include: excitement, anxiety, laughter, utter and complete happiness, pulled muscles, numerous nights in, depression, multiple visits to the doctor, and possible prescription fills. Results may vary.

Wait, what? Yes, that’s right. This article is about how to avoid dance injuries, and to highlight the possible injuries a dancer may experience at the hand of their own partner. This includes a poorly executed move in the “heat of the moment” or the painful result of someone’s cockiness and inconsiderate need to show off. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first person to admit that I love expressing my passion and showing off my dance skills, but I do it safely. But, shouldn’t one want to show off their talented dance partner? Yes, of course! However, effectively doing so requires knowledge of the moves and consideration for your partner and other dancers on the floor.



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This applies to many things such as catering to their unique height and flexibility, remaining aware of their dance experience, and respecting your own limits. For example, if one dips his partner he should do so with the knowledge of how to fully support his partner’s back in such a strenuous position. Without that crucial back support, the result is a dancer who is forced from the dance floor and onto the massage table for a strained back.


[symple_box color=”yellow” fade_in=”false” float=”center” text_align=”center” width=””]Not only must you respect the limits of your partner, but respect your own limits while executing more advanced moves.[/symple_box]


Now ladies…unfortunately we can’t just point our fingers at the men on this one. We also have responsibility on the dance floor that I think we sometimes forget. This could mean anything from alerting them of close dancers, aggressive back leading, and over styling. We have to look out for our men and their safety too!

The connection between dance partners is truly an amazing experience, or at least it should be… Safety between partners and other dancers is extremely important, for this could make or break your dance! Not only must you respect the limits of your partner, but respect your own limits while executing more advanced moves. If not, you may cause unnecessary pain and lose a dance partner. To me, a great dance partner is someone who inspires me, challenges my skills to match their own, connects with me, and above all is considerate and respectful…leaving me eager for more dances!


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