Article Submission Guidelines

Article Submission Guidelines

Calling all writers. We would love to publish quality content from our readers. Guest authors will receive a social author bio that shows your photo along with a mini biographical sketch and links to your site or social media pages. The picture below shows how your author bio could look.

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Salsa 4 Life accepts article submissions to help spread our passion for Salsa dancing.  If you would like to submit an article, please review the guidelines below.
Primary Objective  
  The content is useful to the reader  (useful is defined as, educational, inspirational, informational, or entertaining)

  Salsa dancers….and people who also enjoy other related Latin club dances like Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba, or Cha Cha.

  Articles should be from 400-800 words.  However, other media forms (audio/video) where relevant, are also covered under these guidelines.

  Articles should be written primarily from 2nd or 3rd person perspective.  Minimize the use of I, me, my unless the type of piece calls for it such as responses from someone you are interviewing, or a testimonial about your personal experience, or a report on an event you attended.

  Articles should be written in a tone and language that the general public would not find offensive.  

  Articles should be original.  Copying someone else’s article is not allowed and it violates copyright laws unless written permission has been granted by the owner to reprint the article.

  Article content should be submitted in a form that is near ready for publishing.  Our editorial process will adjust any small grammar issues.  Formatting is not needed, as it will be handled during the publishing process.

  Include a 3 or 4 short sentence bio at the bottom of your submission.  It should include any contact information you want shared with the public, e.g. email, twitter, fb.  If you wish to remain anonymous then let us know and we’ll just use “Staff Writer” as the author.

Publishing Rights
  Submission of your article to us constitutes your permission for Salsa4Life to publish the article as is, or with whatever edits we deem necessary.  Your submission further indicates that you are the rightful owner of any article you submit to us.

Unsolicited Submissions  and Revisions
  Any material you submit will be reviewed for publication.  Unsolicited submissions may or may not be accepted for publication. Any requests for revision will be sent to you via email.  Please try to return revisions within one week.

Publication Schedule
The final edit on your submission will queue it for publication.  We cannot predict how soon after acceptance a given work will be published.

Contact and Submission Information
  Questions and submissions should be sent to

Below are ideas for types of articles originally published on and republished at


Instructional: Teach readers how to do something.
Informational: Define or explain a topic.
Reviews: Give your opinion on a product or service.
Lists: Ahem…like this one
Interviews: Ask a few great questions in a Q & A and let your subject deliver the insight.
Case studies: Walk readers through a real-life situation.
Profiles: Choose a person you’ve researched, and write about the arc of his or her career. Highlight the qualities that have contributed to their success.
Link posts: Find and link to a great post on another site. You can include a comment of your own or a quote from the post.
Problem posts: These focus on the downside of a product or service. Or they can help readers solve a problem they may be facing.
Comparison posts: Contrast two approaches that outline the pros and cons of each choice.
Rants: “Get passionate. … Tell it like it is.” Stir the pot a little, but with caution about the potential range of reader responses.
Inspirational: Find a success story or imagine living life in peace.
Research: Gather stats or do a survey, and convey some meaningful takeaways.
Collation posts: Choose a topic your readers might find helpful, research what people have said, and round up these ideas under a thematic umbrella.
Prediction and review posts: Sum up the year in review or what’s to come.
Critique posts: Stay lighter than a rant; offer constructive thoughts respectfully said.
Debate: Present a discussion between two people, a blogger and visitors, or even yourself talking about two sides of an issue.
Hypothetical posts: Imagine something that could happen and its implications.
Satirical posts: Be funny. But proceed with caution as humor can be misconstrued.

Memes and projects: Try to write a post that’s interactive in some way. Maybe an award, contest or quiz. Go viral! (Hey, you never know.)



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